7th International Tourism Research Conference 2021

Resilience Building and Entrepreneur Innovation for sustainable Tourism

Theme – 2021

  • Crisis Management & Resilience Building in Tourism
  • Destination Branding and in Post Covid-19 New Normal
  • Outcome-Based Tourism Education
  • Entrepreneur Intelligence and Innovation in Tourism
  • Tourism Planning & Sustainable Development
  • Social Media Networking and Tourism Development
  • Supply Chain & Value Chain in Tourism Management
  • Global Best Practices in Tourism Management
  • Local Community Empowerment in Tourism Development
  • Health, Medical & Wellness Tourism
  • Good Governance & Tourism Administration
  • Public - Private Participation for Tourism Development
  • Role of ICT Application & Tourism Promotion
  • Financial Literacy in Tourism and Risk Management
  • Women Empowerment in Tourism Development
  • Risk Mitigation and Wealth Maximization in Tourism
  • Best Practices for Travel Connectivity
  • Inclusive Tourism and Fair Trade